Alan Lugton

Alan Lugton

Alan Lugton is the Food Partnership's Community Cookery Manager

Stick it all in one pot and relax recommends our Community Cookery Team Manager Alan Lugton.

Amazing Cookery is a free five week cookery class for young people who want to learn to cook, or improve their cooking skills. If you are between 19 and 24 years old and have a Compass Card, you are welcome to take part. 

Learn to cook everything from chicken curry to fishcakes, cheese scones to minestrone soup. Practice basic kitchen skills and simple cooking techniques while you make a delicious meal to eat together.

"What can I do as an individual to make a difference?" If you have started to consider your household food and what you waste, you will most likely have seen some of the astonishing stastistics about how much perfectly edible food we throw away in the UK every year. It can be overwhelming, and difficult to know where to start.

Last time we looked at food that is cooked using wet cookery processes. In this final part I will take you through the cookery processes that rely on dry heat as the main source of cooking food – with the exception of microwaving which is in a category all of its own.


When following a recipe or preparing a meal it soon becomes clear that there is more than one way to cook your ingredients. Various cookery processes have long been used to help us get the best out of the ingredients either through increasing flavour, improving texture and appearance or retaining nutrients.  

The sun is shining so what better time is there to have a barbeque with friends? However don't rush to light those charcoals, until you've read these helpful tips.  

There is a lot to say on the beneficial health properties of the simple onion, as well as its many applications in the kitchen, improving the flavours of your favourite meals.

Though it has to be said, they are a complete nightmare to prepare when in a rush, often leaving hapless cooks wandering blindly around the kitchen in tears. Have no fear - knowing your enemy can help you beat it, and in no time you will be chopping onions like a pro.


When I was growing up, one of the first meals I learned to cook was pasta. It was easy, versatile and always hit the spot when I was hungry. So I was fascinated to learn that in a recent survey of cooking skills, 35% of people said that they did not know how to make a simple pasta dish.

In this blog, I aim to give you the knowledge you need to cook pasta and start you on the road to creating your own wonderful and delicious pasta dishes.

Soup is a dish that's hard to get wrong. It's nutritious, wholesome, warming and if it doesn't go to plan - just blend it up and it will still be good.

If you have never made soup before I would thoroughly recommend you give it a try - whatever your skill level. However before you begin, here are some handy tips to get the best out of the ingredients you use and turn your soup into something wonderful.

Nothing so dramatically changes the taste and texture of a vegetable than roasting it in a hot oven. The dry heat entices the natural sugars to be released and the hot oil caramelises them on the surface, leaving a tasty, golden brown, caramel coating.