Anne-Marie Bur

Anne-Marie Bur

Anne-Marie Bur is a Project Manager for the Food Partnership

Celebrating compost with caddies, cake, and dreams of window boxes

Breakfast used to be bread and dripping for some, bacon and eggs, or kippers and kedgeree for others, and then for nearly everyone it turned into a high carbohydrate and sugar mix of sweetened cereals, toast and jam.


As The Orchard without Borders project comes to a close, dozens of apple trees and friendships have taken root across the Channel.  Here's what happened on the last exchange: 

Every other year in Normandy, France, there is a wonderful event known as Faites des Legumes et des Jardins in the grounds of our French partners CPIE. 

This year we were invited to attend to spread the word about our joint project Orchards without Borders. We planted a Sussex apple tree and pressed apples all day with the help of large numbers of children - a mixture of apples from Stanmer Community Orchard and Normandy.  

For five days at the end of August, seven visitors from Normandy participated in a range of orchard-inspired activities in Sussex.

Are you interesting in orchards and the role they can play regenerating our local landscapes and bringing together communities?

We have a handful of places available for participants to join one or a series of visits as part of the Orchard without Borders project.

Fruit tree grafting is an ancient art which takes skill and practice. Read on to find out about the intricacies of the cleft grafting method.

Following our exchange visit to Normandy last autumn, our French partners took a trip to Sussex in December as part of the Orchards Without Borders project - set up last year to share fruit growing knowledge across countries. Here's a quick run-down of what they got up to on their trip:

The first two exchange visits of the Orchards Without Borders project have recently taken place with orchard folk crossing the channel this autumn.

I’m going to use this space today to tell you a bit about the first trip we took to Normandy as part of the European project Orchards without Borders. As Anne-Marie explained in her blog, this is a project that allows fruit growers in Sussex and Normandy to exchange experiences and expertise.