Caroline Whiteman

Caroline Whiteman

Caroline Whiteman is the Harvest team's Community Gardener.

Ex-seedling-ly simple tips for gardeners

Cook and eat group provides fun and comfort for people living with dementia

At this time of year we may find ourselves wishing for the long summer days. Planting crops that capture the essence of summer can connect us with the flavours and colours of the season ahead. 

Transforming unloved sites and working alongside the people who make it happen is one of the best aspects of being a Community Grower for the Food Partnership.

One such relationship was forged with the residents of a house renovated and managed by Seaside Community Homes.

It is said that 'the earth laughs in flowers' (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Certainly you'd be hard pushed to find many who don't find flowers beautiful and uplifting in a garden design. Flowers, however, can offer much more than decoration in an ornamental border.

Brighton & Hove is a city famous for its seagulls, but the number of people keeping chickens in the city is steadily rising.

Obviously having freshly laid eggs makes keeping chickens particularly appealing but when you scratch the surface, there are multiple benefits.

Every year a number of dedicated green fingered souls lavish their treasured patches with extra special attention. From window boxes to whole streets; growing spaces around Brighton receive a spruce up at a time of year when they are already looking particularly bountiful and full of colour. Brighton and Hove City in Bloom is truly a competition where even those not entered win. In essence everyone benefits from beautiful front gardens and stylishly planted balconies.  The aim of the City in Bloom competition is to celebrate the people and spaces that make the city a greener, cleaner and more attractive place to live, work and visit.

The savvy gardener is the resilient gardener, able to adapt to wet summers and drought-ridden springs.

If the recent sunny weather has lured you down to Preston Park you may have noticed changes to our demonstration fruit and vegetable garden.  During the winter, work began to expand the garden to around double the original size. The expansion aims to showcase a different style of growing food which is more low-maintenance than the raised beds we use in the rest of the garden.

Britain produces some of the best milk in the world and we consume tons of the stuff everyday. But our milk industry is in crisis. Now a new initiative has been launched to help consumers buy organic, free range milk to support smaller farms and stop moves towards mega dairy farms in the UK.