Vic Borrill

Vic Borrill

Vic Borrill is the Director of the Food Partnership.

New training kitchen and cookery school will help residents learn vital new culinary skills 

AGM open to all 

The Food Partnership responds to the long awaited plan


On Thursday last week I was part of the team involved in the Feeding the 5,000 event at the Level (5,000 free lunches made using surplus food to raise awareness of food waste). The event was inspirational and a huge thank you to the hundreds of volunteers involved! 

Last week I also pressed send on Brighton & Hove's application to Sainsbury's Waste Less Save More competition.

Sugar - Jamie Oliver's worried about it, Tom Scanlon Brighton & Hove's Director of Public Health is worried about it and according to latest government research it is the main food issue of concern to the public.  And we are right to be worried because the thing with sugar is that we like it but it doesn't really like us. But rather than just worrying and doing nothing the time has come to act which is why it's great to be part of the Sugar Smart City Brighton & Hove.

The Food Partnership wanted to find out about communal eating in our city, because we suspected community projects such as lunch clubs were doing something amazing but often quite hidden – but we were astounded by the sheer scale and variety of activity we found.

Every year Tom Scanlon, the Director of Public Health for Brighton & Hove, produces a report. This is his opportunity to present what he sees as the key issues for the city from a public health perspective. This year's report 'Look Inequality' covers the impact of inequalities on health.

Last November at our AGM Food Partnership members came up with a long list of issues that they thought were important in the local elections. Through our e-newsletter, we asked people to vote on which questions to ask and the long list of 15 topics was whittled down to 6 questions. We put these questions to all the main parties with candidates standing for election to Brighton & Hove City Council. Find out what they said:

An award for everyone who is working on food in the city – the butchers, the bakers, the policy makers

Tonight aboard the SS Great Britain in Bristol, at an event bringing together people from across the UK and Europe, Brighton & Hove will receive an award for the city's work on food. Only a handful of places will receive the independently-judged Sustainable Food Cities Award and we have come out on top.

The recently launched Happiness: Brighton and Hove's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy describes the city's approach to improving mental wellbeing and promotes the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a tool to improve mental health.