We’re excited to be getting involved with Know My Neighbour a new initiative aimed at encouraging people in Brighton and Hove to get chatting over the garden fence. Or in the street. Or on the stairs. Or at the bus stop.


Some of the most popular pasta sauces are now going to come with a recommendation that they should only be eaten once a week. It has been advised that a few favourite sauces from Dolmio and Uncle Bens are only to be eaten occasionally due to their high sugar, salt and fat content.


We are recruiting for a paid Intern position to assist with administration for the Harvest team on our training programme, evaluation, marketing and events.


Last Thursday marked World Health Day which focused on the World Health Organisation’s ‘Beat Diabetes’ report aimed to prevent, detect and manage the global increase in diabetes. The stats are quite shocking, 422 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. Once seen only in adults, type 2 diabetes is now increasingly occurring in children and young people.



Would your family like to take part in a free, fun after school group held at the Amex Stadium? If so, take a look at our April Family Shape Up programme which is being run in partnership with Albion in the Community.


Breakfast used to be bread and dripping for some, bacon and eggs, or kippers and kedgeree for others, and then for nearly everyone it turned into a high carbohydrate and sugar mix of sweetened cereals, toast and jam.


The Eatwell Plate has been the mainstay of nutritional advice since 2007 but following an extensive period of consultation Public Health England has released the new Eatwell Guide.

Are you looking for a new challenge? A chance to learn new skills and make friends? Then look no further, here are some volunteering opportunities available right now.

Whether it’s drinking the water, using the oil as a moisturiser or popping a spoonful into baking, the last couple of years have seen the coconut rise to prominence in kitchens and bathroom cabinets. So is the oil from this nut (actually it’s a drupe), all that it’s cracked up to be?


A while ago I was invited by the Sunday Assembly to give a talk at one of their Sunday gatherings on the theme of 'Acceptance'. Initially I asked myself 'What's that got to do with gardening and food growing?' and then found the answer pretty quickly: 'EVERYTHING'.