Whether it’s drinking the water, using the oil as a moisturiser or popping a spoonful into baking, the last couple of years have seen the coconut rise to prominence in kitchens and bathroom cabinets. So is the oil from this nut (actually it’s a drupe), all that it’s cracked up to be?


A while ago I was invited by the Sunday Assembly to give a talk at one of their Sunday gatherings on the theme of 'Acceptance'. Initially I asked myself 'What's that got to do with gardening and food growing?' and then found the answer pretty quickly: 'EVERYTHING'.

How many of us are getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night? And does it really matter? Growing evidence suggests that a lack of sleep can increase weight gain, risk of diabetes and disrupt specific hormones that control hunger and satiety levels.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, Fishersgate Residents Association and Kingswood and Milner Tenants Association all local finalists in the Bags of Help grant scheme – in store vote starts Saturday 27th February 2016.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership are calling on all organisations in the city who come into contact with vulnerable people to ask a simple question about food poverty.

As many of you may know our website has been having problems recently. We really appreciate all of you who have been in touch so far about this.

Ensuring people are well nourished is essential if they are to stay fit and well, and Meals on Wheels have traditionally played an important role in this especially for older people.

Are you a food revolutionary? If you care about our wasteful food system and are ready to take action on it, then you are indeed. If you are ready to go zero-food waste at home, look after a community composting scheme or become a food surplus collector, then read on.

Our team of dietitians run both group and 1-1 nutritional advice services across the city. We frequently get asked questions about weight loss by our clients which may have been picked up in the media or passed on from friends. So we thought we would write a series of Q&A blogs to provide you with accurate and informed answers to some of your nutritional queries.

Primary Schools across Brighton and Hove are taking steps to help pupils reduce their sugar intake. With the support of the Public Health team at the Council and Albion in the Community, 27 schools are holding 'Sugar Smart' assemblies in which children are set the challenge of reducing the amount of sugary drinks they consume each day.