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Buy Food

The Issue

We're all aware that the food we eat and how it has been produced can have serious environmental, social and health repercussions. Good food should be accessible to everyone but many people are currently struggling to afford a healthier diet for themselves or their families.

Take Action

Buy the best food that you can afford - we've got lots of tips and information if you need it. 

The benefits

Buying good food benefits your own personal health, helps to solve environmental problems and supports thriving local communities. Your choices can help secure the livelihoods of responsible producers and influences the practices of others.


Get Started

Food buying groups / coops

Find groups that buy food in bulk near you.

Local and organic food stockists

Buy locally sourced and organic produce from these shops.

Local and sustainable fish

Lots of options for locally caught fresh fish.

Sausages for sale at the shop

Local butchers and meat suppliers

A list of local shops, many with organic options.

Sustainable fish

There are lots of issues to grapple with but fish can be one of the most healthy and local foods.

Vegetable boxes

Vegetable delivery box schemes

Organic and seasonal vegetables delivered direct your door.


Food Poverty

If you are experiencing food poverty, the following organisations and services may be able to help you afford healthy, nutritious food.

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