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The Issue

Brighton & Hove residents throw away 21,000 tonnes of compostable material every year (almost 35,000 tonnes if you also count all other food waste). Making up 45% of our waste stream, our organic waste is currently incinerated. Even if some of the energy is recovered, this is a staggering loss of natural resources, human effort, transportation/disposal energy, and money.

Take Action

Get composting as soon as you can, whether at home or at one of the many community schemes around Brighton & Hove.

The benefits

Making your own compost reduces the need for commercial fertilisers and compost, which has both financial and environmental benefits. But it doesn't stop there. Compost bins can promote biological diversity in an urban environment, with rare species such as the slow worm commonly found in garden composters. Composting also keeps food scraps out of the waste bin, leaving your kitchen smelling nicer, and reduces incidents of seagulls and foxes ripping up bin bags while searching for food.

Get Started

Compost at home

Got a garden, patio, balcony or some kitchen space? Then get going at home.

Compost at work

Make your office greener. Get composting at work.

Compost in the community

Short on space? Then join a local community scheme.

Community Composting

Support for community composting sites

We help local people to setup and run community composting sites all over Brighton & Hove.