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Cook and Eat

The Issue

Cooking is a fundamental skill that is increasingly being replaced by ready meals and convenience foods. A key barrier to eating healthier for many people is this lack of skills and confidence in cooking from basic ingredients.

Take Action

Cook a meal from scratch; it doesn't have to be every day, just give yourself the time you need to ensure it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Join a basic cookery course if you feel you need to learn new skills.

The Benefits

Cooking for yourself, friends and family is extremely satisfying and will benefit your budget and health. You can make your own choices about the ingredients you put in your body and because it is fresh there is no need for all those additives, preservatives, and fillers that the factories add.

Get Started

Community Kitchens

Find out what resources are in your area to run cookery workshops and events.


Learn to cook or improve and share your skills on one of our easy to access courses.

Eat healthily

Tips and advice to help you and your family, young and old, eat healthier.

Lunch Club

Cooking and eating together for people with mild learning disabilities.

Raising Sugar Smart Kids

Change your eating habits and become Sugar Smart

Sugar Smart

Change your eating habits and become Sugar Smart

Sugar Smart Challenges

Are you up to the Sugar Smart Challenge?

Weaning tips

Everything you need to know about introducing your baby to solid foods.

F5K Crop for web


Feeding the 5,000 Brighton

Read about this fantastic event we put on with our partners in 2015


Savvy Shopper Crafty Cook

Top tips for using leftovers, reducing food waste and saving your pennies

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Casserole Club

Share a meal with someone in your Neighbourhood

Learn more >

Community Cafes

Find out about these unique food outlets in your community

Learn more >