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Reduce Food Waste

The Issue

Brighton & Hove residents waste 24,000 tonnes of food every year - about 260kg per household. It's a problem that stays hidden in our bins, costing us and the environment in the process.

Over 60% of our food waste is avoidable while much of the rest is compostable.

Take Action

You can make a difference every day with some simple strategies for your kitchen, fridge and shopping basket. Through mindful meal planning, proper portions, smart storage and some leftover love, anyone can become a no-waste ninja.

The Benefits

Tackling food waste can save up to £60 a month on food bills, but that's not all. It means that the natural resources, energy, and human effort taken to feed us are not needlessly lost along the way.

Using up food is also satisfying, with a sense of savvy thriftiness that is almost as valuable as the money saved not wasting it!

Get Started

F5K Crop for web


Feeding the 5,000 Brighton

Read about this fantastic event we put on with our partners in 2015


Savvy Shopper Crafty Cook

Top tips for using leftovers, reducing food waste and saving your pennies

Tips and advice for home

Check out our tips for beginners, intermediates, and kitchen experts.

Tips and advice outside the home

Over 4,000 tonnes of food waste in the city comes from restaurants and eateries.

Hospitality retail food waste

Food waste advice for businesses

Get resources and support to reduce your food waste and donate your surplus