Our fabulous Chair is standing down, so we need a new one!

If you believe, like we do, that food has the power to improve lives and communities, then this may be too good an opportunity to miss.

This voluntary role will help take the Food Partnership's work to the next level, with a range of exciting projects coming up.

The Food Partnership wanted to find out about communal eating in our city, because we suspected community projects such as lunch clubs were doing something amazing but often quite hidden – but we were astounded by the sheer scale and variety of activity we found.

Every year Tom Scanlon, the Director of Public Health for Brighton & Hove, produces a report. This is his opportunity to present what he sees as the key issues for the city from a public health perspective. This year's report 'Look Inequality' covers the impact of inequalities on health.

On Thursday evening, Brighton & Hove City Council won a national award for their trailblazing work around food, at the Soil Association's Catering Mark Awards in London.

Never mind the human and social cost, food poverty has a financial cost too. If people can't afford to eat healthily, they become overweight, underweight or simply badly nourished. We know this leads to poor health, and greater costs to the NHS.