Last November at our AGM Food Partnership members came up with a long list of issues that they thought were important in the local elections. Through our e-newsletter, we asked people to vote on which questions to ask and the long list of 15 topics was whittled down to 6 questions. We put these questions to all the main parties with candidates standing for election to Brighton & Hove City Council. Find out what they said!

Gardens aren't all about toil and soil. As much as personally I love shovelling dirt around all day, some of my favourite garden moments are those spent quietly sitting next to a pond, watching and reflecting (see what I did there?).

There are hundreds of health, diet and activity apps on offer, but are they any good? Could a health or nutrition app be the next best thing to a personal trainer or a one-to-one with a nutritionist/dietitian? Or are we better off without them?

We put several apps to the test to find out if they really do what they say on the tin.

Brighton & Hove is a city famous for its seagulls, but the number of people keeping chickens in the city is steadily rising.

Obviously having freshly laid eggs makes keeping chickens particularly appealing but when you scratch the surface, there are multiple benefits.

"I've been cooking at home for my brother – I'm so surprised that people like the food I make!"

Lunch Club is an 8 week cookery course for people with mild learning difficulties who live alone and get little or no support.  Once a week we cook and eat a nutritious lunch together.