The government report 'Everybody active, every day: An evidence-based approach to physical activity' was published last week by Public Health England (PHE). Intended to act as a framework for national and local action, the report sets out to address the national physical inactivity epidemic; responsible for 1 in 6 deaths and costing the country an estimated £7.6 billion a year.

We are looking for three individuals to join our Board of Directors to help steer our work over the coming year/s. Our Board are a talented and driven group who are passionate and proactive about food issues. Each person brings their own expertise and knowledge, and together they help us set and maintain the vision of the Food Partnership.

We are looking for someone who can work with us on 'being more enterprising', including helping to develop a strategy and facilitating a planning session.

Food poverty has been in the news again this week, focussing on the increase in food bank use in the city, with the number of food banks rising from two to twelve in just a couple of years.

Food banks are an emergency response and are accessed through a referral process (for example from a health visitor or advice worker). They offer support on a time-limited basis and have different target groups (some focus on neighbourhoods, others are only for families of very young children).

To celebrate the third birthday of the community compost scheme and because we like round numbers, we are offering a special prize to the person who signs up to be our 1,000th community compost member.