There is no escaping the surge of sugar related news recently, and the media attention is not unwarranted. The evidence linking sugar consumption to diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and diet related ill health is overwhelming. The government's nutritional advisory committee (SACN) have recently presented recommendations which firmly state that adults and children should halve the amount of 'free sugars' in their diet. But what exactly is a free sugar and how might we go about reducing the amount of sugar we consume?

We are mid way through the summer holidays, and for some children it's not all fun and games at all. For these children the holidays are 6 weeks without a free school meal, which many rely on for their main nutritional meal of the day.  For parents, it can be a struggle to find extra money to pay for food.

Our team of dietitians run both group and 1-1 nutritional advice services across the city. We frequently get asked questions about weight loss by our clients which may have been picked up in the media or passed on from friends. This is the second in a series of Q&A blogs to provide you with accurate and informed answers to some of your nutritional queries.

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Vitamin D is in the news today alongside a government proposal that everyone should be taking a supplement to counteract the lack of sunshine we receive on our fair isle.