With winter well and truly upon us, a warm soup can be an excellent, easy option for lunch or dinner. However, many of the readymade soups we buy can be very high in salt.

Last time we looked at food that is cooked using 'wet' cookery processes. In this final part I will take you through the cookery processes that rely on dry heat as the main source of cooking food – with the exception of microwaving which is in a category all of its own.

Every other year in Normandy, France, there is a wonderful event known as Faites des Legumes et des Jardins in the grounds of our French partners CPIE. 

This year we were invited to attend to spread the word about our joint project Orchards without Borders. We planted a Sussex apple tree and pressed apples all day with the help of large numbers of children - a mixture of apples from Stanmer Community Orchard and Normandy.  

The government are currently consulting on a document that outlines how local welfare provision should be funded 2015 to 2016.

The proposal is to scrap the current Local Discretionary Social Fund which we see as an absolutely vital fund that helps meet the needs of people who are on a low income and experience an emergency.

We are recruiting participants for our Arabic Shape Up which starts in January 2015. The group is for women only and each session will be interpreted from English to classical Arabic.