As The Orchard without Borders project comes to a close, dozens of apple trees and friendships have taken root across the Channel.  Here's what happened on the last exchange: 

The Food Partnership is joining up with Brighton Chamber of Commerce to bring you two workshops to help you develop your business. Only costing £7 each, this is an unmissable opportuntiy to nework and promote your products, but also gain and develop your business skills.

If you're thinking about eating more healthily in 2015, Eating Better is encouraging everyone to take the Eating Better Challenge –and enjoy tasty, affordable and healthy meals by incorporating more plant-based foods and less meat into everyday eating.

There is a quiet revolution going on in our streets.  You may have noticed small trees popping up in green spaces all over Brighton.

The Food Partnership will be running a healthy lifestyle programme for young people, looking for healthy eating advice and to improve their cookery skills. The programme is for 14-16 year olds who are currently above a healthy weight.