Did you know that on any school day, one in 18 children in Brighton & Hove tucks in to their first meal of the day at a school run Breakfast Club? This is just one of the findings of recent research carried out by the Food Partnership on behalf of the Public Health Schools Programme.

Transforming unloved sites and working alongside the people who make it happen is one of the best aspects of being a Community Grower for the Food Partnership.

One such relationship was forged with the residents of a house renovated and managed by Seaside Community Homes.

Elections for members of the Food Partnership Board of Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 26th November 2015.

Today we release new figures showing a continued increase in food poverty in the city, including a further growth in food bank use.

"What can I do as an individual to make a difference?" If you have started to consider your household food and what you waste, you will most likely have seen some of the astonishing stastistics about how much perfectly edible food we throw away in the UK every year. It can be overwhelming, and difficult to know where to start.