In January, we are launching a new orchard skills programmes with Brighton Permaculture Trust. Both courses are free and aimed at people who are not in work. Full details below.

We are currently looking for a volunteer to help with Shape Up, our healthy lifestyle programme for adults.

We would like someone to help from January at our Portslade session for ten Thursday mornings. The role would suit someone interested in nutrition; a student, or someone thinking of a career change. 

Two weeks ago I attended a fascinating event, 'Feeding Manchester', and this week saw the publication of 'Feeding Britain', the highly publicised and already controversial report from the All Parliamentary Inquiry on hunger in Britain.

What came across from both was that as a society we are at a crossroads. We need to collectively decide whether or not we want to move to a system like that in the USA, where 1 in 7 Americans rely on food banks, and whether or not we accept "the terrifying idea that hunger is here to stay".

The worldwide cost of obesity has rolled in at an enormous £1.3 trillion a year; more than the cost of both alcoholism and climate change combined with the cost to the UK alone reaching £47 billion.

These statistics taken from a new report raise important questions regarding how we have got this far and what are we going to do to halt or at least slow the trend.

With winter well and truly upon us, a warm soup can be an excellent, easy option for lunch or dinner. However, many of the ready made soups we buy can be very high in salt.