Cookery classes

Here is a preview of some of the cookery courses we are planning to deliver in the Community Kitchen. If the building works go to plan, we expect bookings to be open from April, with courses running from June, so watch this space. You can sign-up to our email newsletter to be the first to know about courses when the kitchen is open.

Our programme of courses will change with the seasons. We have a range of practical courses planned that feature sustainable, nourishing and tasty food.

  • The Food Partnership team will be running core Cookery Classes for adults and children.
  • We’re also inviting guest chefs and local experts to take up a residency at the Community Kitchen. We’re calling these our Masterclasses.
  • Any profits from these classes will go towards funding our Community Cookery courses.

All classes will be ticketed events lasting from 2-5 hrs and will typically include a shared meal or food to take home. Costs will start from £35 or £25 concessions. Most adult classes will run in the evening or at the weekend. The classes for children and families will be after school, at the weekend or in school holidays.

Exclusive Masterclasses

As part of our crowdfunding campaign during February, we offered special Masterclasses with local chefs and bakers which will take place in the Community Kitchen once it is open – Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees, Douglas McMaster from Silo, Kane McDowell from Sugardough and Minesh Agnihotri from Indian Summer/

Most places sold during February but we will be releasing the last few spaces later this year. Watch this space!

Examples of Cookery Classes for Adults

ollyMasterclass: Hooked on Fish with Olly Dawson
Olly from the legendary Fish Shack @ Street Diner takes you on a journey from the Sussex sea to the beaches of Baja, California and beyond. Learn how to choose fresh fish and make the most of local species. Discover a variety of fish cooking techniques and how to make truly delicious fish dishes from scratch at home.

Masterclass: Easy entertaining with Tina Horvath
Tina has been running her incredibly popular CanTina supperclub since 2010 offering a friendly dining experience for small groups and private parties. She will share her top tips, supper club secrets and skill for turning simple ingredients into dishes with a wow factor. Expect some seriously delicious food that offers colour, texture and taste.

Cookery Class: Cooking on a Budget
For anyone who could do with some new ideas of how to eat cheaply and well. This class is for adults of all ages, full of tasty recipes and tips for keeping healthy and happy even when time is short and money is tight.

Vegetables on a tableCookery Class: Making Veg the Star of the Plate 
What are the key ingredients that can help lift veg from a side show to the star of the plate? It’s all about the pairing. Learn which spices and herbs pair well with each vegetable, which vegetables compliment each other on a plate, and what cooking techniques work best. This course is part of our Peas Please campaign to help everyone eat an extra portion of veg every day.

Cookery Class: Food and Mood
Evidence suggests that as well as affecting our physical health, what we eat can also affect how we feel. The course will offer a range of tips and ideas to help you to eat regularly, look after your gut, eat the right fats and ensure you’re getting your 5-a-day. Learn how to cook a range of simple, nourishing recipes to fill you with energy and help your body work like it should.

Examples of Cookery Courses for Children

Jethro chefJunior Masterclass: World of Food with Jethro Carr
Jethro Carr from Kitchen Academy brings you the first in a series of fun and engaging cookery workshops for younger cooks (age 7-11) to discover recipes and techniques from around the world. The first stop is Spain, creating tasty Empanadas, Mini Tortillas and Patatas Bravas.

Cookery Class: Healthy Happy Kids
A cookery programme for families with children aged 6-13. The whole family cooks together – with recipe ideas to get you out of the dinner rut, ideas for healthy snacks the kids will love and tips for tackling fussy eating. Spend time together and learn lots of new recipes to share at home.

Other classes being developed:

  • Jam makingModern India
  • Seasonal Celebrations – Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter
  • Preserving the Season
  • The New Vegetarian/Vegan
  • How to Reduce Your Food Waste
  • Breadmaking
  • Feed Your Family for a Fiver
  • Healthy Snacks and Packed Lunches
  • Basic Fermentation Techniques
  • Foraged Feasts
  • Knife Skills – Butchery, Fish, Fruit and Veg
  • The 25-Mile Dinner – cooking with ingredients sourced from within 25 miles
  • Small Plates – food with friends, tapas and meze dishes from around the world
  • Speedy Eats – meals ready in less than 20 minutes
  • Fill Your Freezer – bulk cookery sessions

Your ideas

Which of these classes appeal to you? Is there a specific class that you would like to see running? Share your ideas with us by email on or find us on social @btnhovefood.

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