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Eat healthily

Good food is where good health starts. Eating a balanced diet and being active can make you feel healthier and happier. The foods we eat should provide us with the essential nutrients that we need day to day. Our modern diet has been linked to a number of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, yet making a few changes to your diet and lifestyle can make a massive difference to your health and well-being.

To ensure that you and your family are healthy and happy, check out the top tips on NHS LiveWell and Change 4 Life. Or have a look through the factsheets below for information on common healthy eating questions.

Healthy eating factsheets

If you are confused about the healthy eating message, read through our Food Myths (pdf, 453Kb) which might answer some of your questions about healthy eating.

Whether you are eating at home or 'eating out', making small changes to the food you choose can help you to become healthier and may help with weight loss. The Change for Life campaign has a food swap factsheet (pdf, 984Kb) full of useful information.

The NHS' health and fitness pages provide information on how to keep healthy, as only a small percentage of us are doing enough activity to benefit our health.

Develop healthier eating habits (pdf, 314Kb) by following the guidelines set out on the Eatwell plate. The plate represents the foods that you should eat over the course of the day.

 Being overweight (pdf, 96Kb) can put your health at risk. Losing even a small amount of weight can make a big difference.

 Top tips for top kids (pdf, 273Kb) is a fun free and easy way to get your kids happy and healthy.

If you would like to get your kids eating healthier foods, take a look at our  top tips for fussy eaters (pdf 286kb).