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Feeding 5,000 Brighton 

On Thursday 29th October 2015, we fed 5,000 people a delicious free lunch made from food that would have otherwise gone to waste, using 1,700kg of surplus food from shops, wholesalers, farms and allotments, and working with over 250 volunteers and countless projects across the city to make it happen. 

A key part of this event is what happens now, with the gathered energy and interest in tackling food waste in the city. Read on to find out how to join this big effort to make Brighton & Hove a food waste-free city.


Volunteer with projects tackling food waste

We have a number of growing projects that are tackling food waste by redistributing good quality surplus food to charities and people in need. But they need more volunteer and public support. Find out about these projects to sign up and get involved.

Get composting in your community

We're calling on people to get composting in their communities if they can't or prefer not to at home. Join one of the 30 existing sites across the city, or express interest in a new one in your area. Many sites are on community growing projects, so they're great places to get involved and meet lovely folk. More info.

Share and donate your food

A key aim for Feeding the 5,000 was to inspire people to share food and support one another. You can donate to FareShare, a food bank or a community meal project, or you can simply share your extras and gluts with neighbours through local food-sharing schemes. If you're part of a food business, you can find out how to donate your surplus safely and support your local community projects. Find out how to donate food here.

Support national and global anti-food waste campaigns

Now is a great time to support campaigns to tackle food waste in the UK and across the globe. Let's use the positive energy behind Feeding the 5000 to call for changes across the food system. Check out these petitions and share them with others: Stop Dumping, Stop the Rot and #WasteNot.

Start something

Got an idea for a project that will help tackle food waste in Brighton & Hove and beyond? Don't just sit on it, do something! You can get in touch with us for advice and support, and start a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdfunder's new War on Waste category.

Food businesses can get involved too

If you're part of a food business, we want to support you in tackling food waste as well. Check out FoodSave's free resources on reducing food waste. And find out about donating your good quality surplus or leftovers to a local food project or charity.