For organisations

We offer support on food issues to a wide range of organisations, from local businesses to advice workers to community cafes and gardens.


Organisations across the city refer their clients to us for activities and services including our weight-loss programmes, therapeutic gardening groups, food bank advice and cookery courses. We receive referrals from health professionals like GPs and nurses, advice workers, hostel workers, mental health specialists, community groups and volunteers.

Services for your client

Find out more about what activities and support are available.


We lead and organise training on a range of food-related topics from first aid for community gardens to nutrition advice for carers. We can run bespoke training sessions for your staff, or you can book onto one of our regular courses.

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Specialist advice and support

Our knowledgeable staff provide specialist advice to organisations to help them improve what they do.

  • Our Good Food Procurement Group supports large caterers to source food more sustainably.
  • We coordinate surplus food donations from local businesses and events to help reduce food waste. Contact us if you want to make a donation or receive surplus food.
  • We deliver the Healthy Choice Award scheme in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, focusing on improving meals in early years settings like nurseries and breakfast clubs.
  • We have also shared a wide range of resources to help organisations to advise their clients, improve their practices or develop their skills in food-related topics.
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