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Garden referrals

We offer advice to individuals and their support or advice workers about volunteering at community gardens (and other similar projects). If you would like to be put in touch with a garden, have any questions about volunteering or want some advice about which project might be right for your client, please contact us.

Many projects have an open access policy and some are able to offer activities for people who have additional support needs, or specialist services (eg for people with mental health issues). We can give you information about this and are also happy to offer a face-to-face meeting / advice session for anyone with additional support needs.



Benefits of gardening

People often tell us that gardening and getting outdoors has improved their mental wellbeing and stress levels. Some say it helped them to lose weight or exercise more. Those involved at community gardens often enjoy the chance to meet new people and gain skills, or even try new foods. Find out more about benefits of gardening for health and wellbeing.

Community gardens

We give advice to people that want to try gardening as we are keen to help more people to benefit. Anyone can contact us directly, or health professionals and support workers can refer people to us for an advice session.

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