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Lunch Club

Lunch Club is a cooking and eating group for people with mild learning disabilities who live on their own, get no or little support and would like to meet others and get out more. 

We cook and eat together using photo recipes and accessible techniques.


The courses were run and devised in partnership with Speak Out and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership then secured funding for more 8 week courses.

We don't have dates for another Lunch Club right now but we hope that we will be able to run one soon.

In the meantime we're collecting people's application forms and keeping a waiting list.

Download our easy to read application form or email  if you are interested. Or call Anna on 07850 002597 for more info. 

Watch our video to find out more about what the course is like:

Here are a selection of our easy to read recipes that we've created for people with learning disabilities: 

Roast chicken

Vegetable Stir fry and noodles

Hard boiled eggs

Minestrone soup


“I can follow recipes alright here – as long as they’re in that format using pictures – it’s hard reading words sometimes”
At the start of course this man especially wanted to learn to follow recipes.


“People in the group were very supportive to each other and helped each other practise cookery skills. People also told each other about a lot of other activities they were taking part in; swapping dates of health walks and going to the Speak Out advocacy organisation drop-ins together”

Anna, Cookery Worker