Brighton & Hove was one of the first cities in the UK to take a citywide, strategic approach to food issues. It is a model that is now being replicated elsewhere across the country.

Brighton & Hove has been recognised for a number of innovations, and work in the city provided some of the inspiration for the Sustainable Food Cities network across the UK, with ‘Food Partnerships’ now set up in Bournemouth, Greenwich, Hackney, Lambeth, Peterborough and Portsmouth.

We are seen as a leader in our field, with recognition from the Sustainable Food Cities network (‘Silver’ award), the National Lottery Awards, the Local Food Awards, the local ‘Sector Stars’ awards and have given evidence to the House of Commons and House of Lords on food issues.

The Food Partnership has a large role in driving the delivery of the citywide food strategy ‘Spade to Spoon’. As one of the first cities in the country to write a food strategy, we can see the impact this approach has made on a number of levels.

We are often approached by academics and practitioners from other parts of the country who are interested in our case studies and publications to share the successes and challenges of work in the city. We are proud to have an open and collaborative approach to sharing our work and learning from other organisations and individuals who want to see everyone access healthy, sustainable food.

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