Baby Buffet sessions

Our Baby Buffet advice sessions give new parents vital information on how to introduce their baby to solid foods to ensure they start life eating healthy, delicious and low-cost meals.

Weaning a baby can be daunting for many parents and carers who are often bombarded with tons of advice from magazines, family members and advertising.

Our Baby Buffet sessions can help by recommending home-cooked, fresh foods which a baby will enjoy and will fulfill their nutritional needs. No need for expensive shop-bought baby foods, our trainers can help suggest healthy food to incorporate into family meals and are low-cost.

We deliver Baby Buffet sessions at Children’s Centres across the city. Our cookery workers visit parent and baby groups, bringing along a big assortment of fresh foods suitable for weaning babies. Some recipes are prepared during the session, so participants see how easy they are to make. Afterwards babies and parents can sample the food to see if they like it. Handouts full of tips and infant feeding ideas are available to take home.

Parents can also pick up some items of equipment to start them off: an ice cube tray, some small lidded bowls, a fridge thermometer, a feeding cup and spoon.

Lovely session. very informative and it was great to try new foods with my baby.

Nita, new mum

For more information, contact Alan Lugton, Cookery Development Manager at the Food Partnership on 01273 431702 or

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Useful recipes for your baby's move to solid foods.

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