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Sugar Smart

The SugarSmart Citycampaign aims to raise awareness of the devastating harm caused by over consumption of sugar as part of a drive to help reduce obesity and improve dental health.

We are taking the campaign to the people of Brighton and Hove as individuals and asking everyone to think about their sugar consumption and how they can reduce it easily and sensibly.

For the next few months we will run four simple-to-remember challenges asking residents to give them a go for a day, a week or longer and see if they can stick to it.



The challenges will be accompanied by events, competitions, recipe and nutrition tips and a social media awareness campaign.

The four challenges we’re asking you to try are:

  1. Make breakfast low sugar
  2. Swap the pop - ditch sugary drinks for low-sugar or no sugar alternatives
  3. Sweet snacks swap
  4. Start from scratch - to avoid hidden sugars in processed foods

Our first challenge launches on September 15 and involves making breakfast lower in sugar. The prize is a £30 voucher for Love Fit Café, Queens Rd, Brighton. To enter, residents are encouraged to ‘like’ our SugarSmart Facebook page and send a picture of your low sugar breakfast. Recipes and tips welcome too.

We recommend families and individuals pledge to follow the challenge for a week to see if they can discover healthier options than sugary cereal or jams or honey and start a healthier habit in the morning.

Throughout the coming months there will be a social media awareness campaign, competitions, school activities and events.

In addition The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership are offering Sugar Smart workshops for organisations plus they have produced a booklet with info which can also be downloaded from their website.

Find out more about the Sugar Smart Challenges

Sugar Smart workshops

As part of the city’s Sugar Smart campaign - aimed to raise awareness and reduce sugar consumption - the Food Partnership is offering informative Sugar Smart workshops to highlight where sugar is hiding and tips for how to have a healthier diet.

Official guidance on sugar was revised last year. The government now recommends that adults and children over 11 years have no more than 30g per day (approximately 7 teaspoons). The Food Partnership is working with the council in running a city wide campaign, targeted at individuals, groups, food outlets and retailers to reduce the amount of sugar children and adults consume, particularly from foods we assume to be healthy.

Sugar Smart workshops are aimed to inform individuals and groups of the choices they can make to reduce their sugar consumption. They are free, and can be organised at a time and date to suit. If you would like more information get in touch with Jo, Community Nutritionist on 01273 431717 #sugarsmart

 Check out the Councils SugarSmart page 

Download a handy pack of sugar smart recipes or see here for even more