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Sugar Smart Challenges

Our series of sugar smart challenges aim to try and help change your eating habits and reduce hidden and excess sugar easily and sensibly. 

Do you think you are up to the challenge?


Sugar Smart Challenge

Pick one or two of the Sugar Smart challenges below:

  1. What did you do?
  2. How did it go?
  3. How did you feel?

Send us a photo and use the #sugarsmartcity

Swap the pop

  • Reduce the number of fizzy drinks
  • Dilute juice one parts juice to 10 parts water
  • Swap sugary drinks for water
  • Cut back on sugar added to tea and coffee

Sweet snacks swap

  • Swap cakes, biscuits, chocolate and sweets for fresh or dried fruit, rice cakes, crackers, toast with toppings or unsalted nuts and seeds
  • Swap desserts, puddings, cakes and ice cream for natural yoghurt, fresh or tinned or dried fruit

Make breakfast lower in sugar

  • Swap a sugary cereal to wholewheat cereal
  • Swap jam and honey for avocado, mashed banana, soft cheese or eggs on toast

Start from scratch

  • Swap a sauce or ready meal for one that is homemade
  • Try out a new recipe

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