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Vegetable boxes

Vegetable delivery box schemes

Organic and seasonal vegetables delivered direct to your door.

We have a Local Suppliers Directory with contact details of over 300 local suppliers. If you would like us to email you a copy, please contact .

A Share of the Crop

Fruit and veg boxes delivered direct to your door sourced from farms in Sussex and the South East. 

Phone: 01273696485

website: www.ashareofthecrop.com 

Ashurst Organics

A farm in Plumpton, near Lewes selling local organic vegetables through their box scheme. Bread, apple & pear juice, free-range eggs and fresh herbs are also available. You can manage your order online and arrange for delivery or local collection.

Phone: 01273 891 219


website: www.ashurst-organics.com

Barcombe Nurseries 

They have been growing vegetables organically and selling them through their box scheme since 1997. They offer different size boxes of vegetables and fruit. They also sell organic apple juice, eggs and honey. Free delivery to your door.

Phone: 01273 400 011


website: www.barcombenurseries.co.uk 

Fin & Farm

Home veg boxes and commercial deliveries sourced from a wide range of local producers, including fruit, veg, meat, dairy and more.

Phone: 07966 972 530

website: www.finandfarm.co.uk 

Fork & Dig It

We run Brighton Community Supported Agriculture which produces a locally grown, organic fruit and veg share. harvested weekly from our Stanmer Organics site. We pick and deliver to your door on the same day. To register your interes for the share please email your contact details to us.


Phone: 07816 569 527

website: www.forkanddigit.co.uk 

Hankham Organics

Organic vegetable box scheme delivered to your doorstep. There is a strong bias towards leafy salads and herbs but also expect to find over 50 different vegetables in your box throughout the year and you can also add fruit and eggs to your weekly order.

Phone: 01323 741 000 or 07815 019 902

website: www.hankhamorganics.co.uk