Can you look after a new community fridge for Brighton & Hove?

Community fridge

Hubbub Community Fridge © Lucy Young 

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership are looking for an organisation with a great public-facing location to look after a community fridge.

A community fridge is a tried and tested way of stopping good food ending up in the bin.  They’re housed in public, accessible places making surplus food freely available to members of the public.  The surplus food is provided by local businesses or members of the public and is then available for collection by people who need it.

A successful community fridge will cut food waste, build stronger bonds with the community and provide people with nutritious food.

What would make a good site? 

  • Somewhere with high footfall and existing community activity
  • Somewhere which is covered and secure
  • Somewhere which is close to people who might want to donate food as well as those that might benefit from it
  • some level of supervision
  • Possibly having extra space for a table, shelves, noticeboard etc

What would a host need to do?

  • Register the fridge as a food business
  • Include the fridge in your public liability insurance
  • Liaise with environmental health
  • Promote the fridge to local businesses and people
  • Be able to organise a rota of volunteers/staff who can monitor, clean and clear out the fridge
  • Weigh, measure and report on the amount of food donated

What can we offer?

  • Support from staff at the Food Partnership in setting this up, promotion and publicity
  • The fridge
  • £1650 towards the cost of expenses over the first year; electricity, publicity, insurance, equipment etc

If you are interested in taking this on or are unsure but want to discuss this further please contact Helen Starr-Keddle on 07850 002596 or

For more information about other community fridge projects in the UK visit Hubbub for the Community Fridge Network

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