Celebrate the season with our shared meals campaign

The wine is mulling, mince pies steaming and a sense of cheer is spreading. Lots of people are planning to get together to eat and share delicious food at this time of year.

Hove lunch club Xmas mealHowever it isn’t only the festive season when this feasting happens.  From our previous survey we know at least 1,265 meals are served every day in Brighton & Hove community settings.

Sharing food helps reduce social isolation, brings the community together and is just good old fun.  We know people who attend the breakfast and lunch clubs, surplus food projects, community cafes and supper clubs across the city enjoy a great sense of wellbeing, form friendships and can become part of a new family.  Not to mention the nutritional benefits of eating healthy, plentiful, warm food together.

We would like to celebrate the many different places where food is served for groups of people over Christmas by running our #sharedmeals campaign for the second year.

We would like you to share your photos of you getting together with friends, colleagues or in your community to eat food.  Whatever the occasion whether it’s a big roast dinner or a sandwich with a pal, just send us a pic.

You can either:

Vic Borril said; “One of the most simple life-affirming thing you can do is share food with other people.  It’s not about how fancy the food is but more about sharing with someone else and taking time to talk to others. Food is at the heart of everything we do at the Food Partnership and we want to celebrate with others our #sharedmeals philosophy.”

If you would like to know where you can go in your community to share food go to It’s Local Actually and search for ‘lunch clubs’.  Why not take a friend or neighbour with you?

If you would like to volunteer to cook or serve food you can chat to our Volunteer Coordinator Jo Glazebrook jo@bhfood.org.uk about what might be suitable for you.

Why not think about joining Casserole Club which connects people who like to cook and are happy to share an extra portion of a delicious home-cooked meal, with older or vulnerable neighbours living close by who could benefit from a meal and a friendly chat.

Time to Talk Befriending need more than 50 volunteers for their Thinking of you at Christmas campaign to provide 120 Christmas meals across Brighton and Hove.

We have lots of other ideas of where to donate or volunteer your time over the Christmas period here.

Happy eating!​

“I love sharing food with people. Many older guests live alone and can’t cook for themselves  so it is a real pleasure to see how much a low-cost hot meal eaten with friends means to them.” – Caroline Henderson, Hove Luncheon Club

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