Celebrating our first Food Hero of 2020

The city of Brighton & Hove has bid to become the UK’s first Gold Sustainable Food City. This blog is part of a series celebrating the wonderful people and organisations in our city that go above and beyond to improve our food system and support people to access healthy, sustainable food. These are the stories that bring to life what a gold sustainable food city really looks like. To help inspire others please share on social media using #goldfoodcitybid any good food work that you’re involved with or that you see around the city.

Welcoming us into 2020 is our first Food Hero, volunteer Shirley Wells, who supports us at the Community Kitchen. We first met Shirley when she was a participant on one of the Jamie’s Ministry of Food courses at the Community Kitchen in 2018. Shirley asked us at the end of the course if she could join us as a volunteer to support our other community classes and help teach other people how to cook. She has since been helping us run our monthly breakfast club for Age UK and Brighton Veterans as well as lots of other classes in the Community Kitchen. We could not run this club without her.

Her fellow volunteers say:

“She brings a huge amount of enthusiasm and dedication to all of the sessions she attends and really makes the breakfasts fun to take part in – both for the volunteers and the attendees.  She is happy to ‘get stuck in’ to any of the tasks and is always positive!”

“Shirley would be perfect for this award! I LOVE volunteering with her and listening to her stories. Shirley is the type of person who bustles through the door, pops the kettle on and immediately brightens the place up. Not only is she lovely to work alongside, she has a lovely way with the people who come to our Age UK breakfast – always ready to chat, banter and provide endless cups of tea. She’s an absolute asset to the Kitchen and thoroughly deserves recognition for her dedication to making a difference to others.”

To show our gratitude we presented Shirley with a spice box from our friends at The Spice Circuit.

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