Community art project raises money for Food Partnership

This blog is written by Rex Matthews, local artist and organiser of the “Call and Response” exhibition

A community art project, “Call & Response”, has been showing at St Augustine’s Centre, Brighton and has been raising money through its sales for Brighton and Hove Food Partnership.

The exhibition features over 200 images as a series of trails. A initial ‘call’ (image) made by a Fiveways Artist was ‘responded’ to by a subsequent artist, who in turn passed their image on to another person, and so on. The work displayed shows visual and emotional connections made between one person and the next.

Images were made from late October 2020 until June 2021, both in an out of ‘lockdown’, in creative trails that reached beyond Brighton to other parts of the UK. Many artists commented on how the project provided a welcomed sense of connection during these difficult times.

The exhibition is testimony to the energy, optimism, humour and resilience of those taking part – a true celebration of creativity against the odds.

All work on show has been donated by the artists and each piece is available for purchase at a starting price of £25. All money raised from sales is being donated to Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. The organisers chose BHFP in recognition of how its activities address the fundamental role of food and meals in our ‘lockdown-lives’ touching on the emotional well-being of the community.

The exhibition closes shortly ending on Saturday 4th September at St Augustine’s Centre, Stanford Avenue, Brighton BN1 6EA. Some work may be available for purchase during the Artists Open Houses 2021 Winter Festival.

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