Cooking with Caroline

Vic with Cooking with Caroline bookJust before Christmas I received a lovely email from author Katharina Marcus offering to donate the 2019 profits of her novel ‘Cooking with Caroline’ to the Food Partnership. She said:

“I’m a Brighton author of young adult novels and I made a pledge last week to donate all profits from the sales of my fourth novel “Cooking with Caroline” (ebook or paperback) for the next year, so between December 2018 and December 2019, to The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

The idea was sparked by a conversation I had a little while back, during my day job at a local school for children with special educational needs. I was talking about finances to another teaching assistant – hardworking, dedicated like all TAs in special needs education – whose wages plus benefits just about cover her and her two children enough not to be homeless and naked on the street. She told me the stark reality is, her family would often go hungry without her local food bank. The conversation has stuck with me ever since and I wanted to do something. Donating all proceeds from “Cooking with Caroline” seemed an apt cause for a story that is all about how food brings ordinary people together.”

The book is aimed at young adults but as a middle-aged adult part of the pleasure of this book was reflecting on how the teen I was would have loved the romance in this story. It centres around a cookery class in a secondary school and one element that really resonated was the way that cooking and eating together connects people, the way it can help people find and regain self-confidence and how one person in a family taking an interest in food can inspire others to eat healthier. Time and again this is our experience from teaching groups to cook.

This is a great read (and I’m not just saying that because Katharina chose to support us) and I recommend that if you buy it for the young person in your life that you borrow it after.

Thank you Katharina!

Find out more or buy your copy here.

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