Could you be one of our Compost Champions?

We are looking for volunteers who would enjoy looking after one of our community compost schemes. It’s a chance to be part of a totally unique, community-run project for a truly heart-worming experience! Our current monitors say a key reason for volunteering is so they “can be part of the solution to food waste, rather than seeing it as someone else’s problem.”

We are recruiting monitors for the following area:

This centrally-located scheme has a waiting list so this is a good opportunity to beat the queue. The invitation is open to current members, those on the waiting list as well as new people who live locally (but not currently involved) who want to take on this role. We give all our volunteers training and ongoing support, and we don’t expect you to manage a scheme alone – we look to have two monitors for each scheme, so you can work together to keep the scheme running smoothly.

A monitor is responsible for:

  • Communicating regularly with all members of that scheme with updates from the Food Partnership as well as reporting any issues to us.
  • Turning the compost – either yourself or organising a rota with scheme members, it’s up to you.
  • Swapping the locks on bins when one becomes full, and informing us when compost is ‘ready’ to be used or collected.
  • Giving an induction to new members to include: what can and cannot be composted, the padlock code and giving out a kitchen ‘caddy’ (which you can collect from us).
  • Helping to recruit a replacement monitor if you are thinking of leaving.

Find out more about the success of the community composting scheme and the experiences of our monitors in our joy of composting blog.

To apply, or ask any questions, please contact us on or 01273 234810.

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