Garden for Wellbeing

The Garden for Wellbeing is taking form in the space around the Centre’s Victorian building. The space offers a range of learning and leisure activities, courses and events such as Art, Craft and Gardening.


Are you someone who sees the creative potential in neglected spaces? Do you wish you could green the grey? Perhaps you would like to escape from the challenges of the day and retreat to a space where you can live in the moment? Where you can smell the roses. Tune in to the buzzing of the bees pollinating the blossom. Feel the warmth like the basking butterflies do, as they drink on nectar rich plants. Hear the birds sing, whilst you’re watching the sunlight flicker through the trees that you helped to plant.

When it’s time to share the harvest, you can pick an apple from the tree, take a bite and taste the sweet magic. This is the Garden for Wellbeing. Come and share this vision and be a part of this new adventure to make this green dream a reality.

If you would like to help, but think you don’t know anything about gardening, be reassured that you will receive encouragement from the trained Project Leader. If you have some, or trug loads, of gardening know-how, you are most welcome to come and share this in the Garden for Wellbeing.


  • Mondays

The Garden for Wellbeing Group meet on the 1st and 2nd Monday of the month, between 2pm and 4pm. Please email Marie the week before to confirm your attendance.


Refreshments and tools are provided, but please bring your sturdy boots and gloves.



South Portslade Community Centre
United Kingdom

Garden for Wellbeing

South Portslade Community Centre, Portslade, United Kingdom

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