The FLAVOUR project is about surplus food and how it can be redistributed and processed to help alleviate food insecurity and provide opportunities for skills and development.


FLAVOUR aims to improve how surplus food is intercepted, redistributed and transformed into new products, whilst creating jobs, skills and pathways into employment.

By collecting, transforming and redistributing food surplus, we can support vulnerable people, reduce waste and create sustainable business models.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is one of ten European partners working on this project, which is funded by the European Union Interreg 2 Seas Programme, which covers work in the coastal areas of England, France, Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands.

The entire 2 Seas area is struggling to prevent food waste, and the number of people experiencing food insecurity in these areas is also increasing.

The FLAVOUR project looks at ways to create socially-innovative business models that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of how we deal with food surplus.

The project explores how to:

  • Create job opportunities and skills for people looking for pathways into employment, through involvement in food surplus redistribution.
  • Create systems covering a larger region so we can more effectively collect and redistribute surplus food to people living in food insecurity.
  • Process food surplus to create new products.
  • Share learning and influence policy across the 2 Seas area.

For full details about the project visit the main FLAVOUR website.

Download the FLAVOUR flyer.

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