Food gifts for the holidays 2018

It has become a tradition to share a Food Partnership inspired Christmas gift list so here it is for 2018:

Give an experience

In attempts to have less ‘stuff’ there is a growing trend for gifting experiences. Social enterprise Stoneham Bakehouse run courses on all sorts of dough-based deliciousness including beginners bread, bagel baking and making sweet buns.

The Community Kitchen’s course programme for January-April has repeats of some of our favourites from 2018 such as Vegan South Indian Cookery with Kanthi and Easy Entertaining with CanTina. It also brings new sessions including Fuel Your Run for the long-distance runner in your life and Kids Go Bake Off for your young Bake-Off fan.

Both Stoneham Bakehouse and the Community Kitchen also sell gift vouchers.

Give a curry

The Kari Club is a monthly Indian Cookery club that delivers ingredients and recipes to your door. Buy a subscription or spice starter kit. Minesh ran Masterclasses as part of the Community Kitchen Crowdfund and these boxes are a real treat – he will also be back to run a fundraiser us in March if you want to cook with the man himself.

Upcycled waste from coffee shop

They’ve made our Christmas list before but Espresso Mushrooms collect used coffee grounds from across the city and turn this into grow your own mushroom kits which are a great gift for the indoor gardener.  A healthy food system needs happy bees and they now also sell seedbombs cocooned in their espresso mushroom compost to give the seeds a great start in life. The range includes wild flower tea seedbombs with the intriguing possibility of growing tea from coffee.

Give a drink

For the beer lover you could pick local ales with a back story. There is the Bevy Beast from Holler (a % of sales go to the Bevy Community Pub) or the Optimist Beer from Franklin’s Brewery made with leftover bread from Bagelman.

For the vegan wine lover – check out the Brighton Wine Company’s range of vegan wines.  Or visit the Old Tree Brewery to pick up some tasty alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks such as Elderflower bubbly, Christmas mead and kombucha.

For a student

A copy of Jack Munroe’s latest book Cooking on a Bootstrap is perfect for low-budget living in shared houses. She is also running a buy one / donate one to a food bank option.

Gifts to eat

Infinity always have a great range of Christmas Chocolates including vegan options and HisBE stock good local cheeses.  Doing Christmas shopping from local ethical stores means they have already done the hard work checking suppliers saving you time reading often confusing pack labels.

Make it yourself

Recipes from our website that look lovely in a jar include onion marmalade, parsley pesto and Korean kimchi.

Giving to others

If you want to find out about what and how to donate to projects that support people experiencing food poverty at Christmas read our blog.


Whatever you do, best wishes from all at the Food Partnership!

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