Food Strategy Expert Panel

Launched in 2006, refreshed in 2012 and 2018, the Brighton and Hove Food Strategy Action Plan sets out how collectively as a city we will achieve a vision of a healthy, sustainable and fair food system for Brighton and Hove.

Benefits of the Food StrategyTo guide the delivery of the Food Strategy we established an Expert Panel bringing together people from different sectors including the Council, waste experts, the universities, retail and hospitals to oversee progress on the action plan. The panel actively fed into the year-long consultation process when we refreshed the five-year Food Strategy Action Plan in 2018.

The panel meets twice a year and advises on the city’s annual Food Strategy event. The panel members are our eyes and ears on the ground feeding back what is happening around food in different sectors and acting as champions by sharing information about the Food Strategy with other people in the city and beyond.

Minutes from the Food Strategy Expert Panel meetings:

13 November 2019

24 February 2021

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