Casserole Club

The Brighton and Hove Casserole Club, run by Together Co, connects people happy to share an extra portion of delicious home-cooked food with neighbours who could benefit from a meal and a friendly chat.

How it works

Casserole Club diner and cookCasserole Club is a free, local food-sharing community connecting people who love cooking and want to be active in their community (cooks) with isolated neighbours who no longer find it easy to cook for themselves (diners). This involves sharing an extra portion of food on a regular (perhaps fortnightly) basis – whatever works best for the cook and diner.

The service aims to reduce social isolation and improve food provision among older generations and vulnerable people whether through disability, illness or loneliness, while creating a better sense of community.

There are several ways you can support Casserole Club in Brighton & Hove.

Become a Cook

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer Cook, you can get in touch with Togther Co on 01273 775888 or to discuss the application.

Together Co befriending website

Refer a Diner

To refer a Diner to the Casserole Club scheme, please get in contact with Together Co on 01273 775888 or fill in the referral form on their website.

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