Sugar Smart

The SugarSmart City campaign aims to raise awareness of sugar and reduce consumption as part of a national drive to help tackle obesity and improve dental health.


Brighton and Hove were the first city to become a #SugarSmartCity in the UK in 2016.

The campaign has involved primary and secondary schools, universities, restaurants, retailers and sports and leisure facilities across the city. We consulted with residents of Brighton and Hove to gauge opinion and 82% of respondents said action should be taken to help people reduce their sugar intake.

Interested in getting involved?

Why not take on a sugar challenge at home or in your workplace. You could try:

  • Making breakfast lower in sugar
  • Swapping sugary drinks for low-sugar or no-sugar alternatives.
  • Cook from scratch to avoid the high levels of sugar hidden in many shop bought foods.
  • Try a sugar smart recipe
  • Send us your stories and photos and use the #sugarsmartcity

Download our Sugar Smart Booklet or or our tips for raising Sugar Smart kids. Contact us for hard copies.

Discover more resources on the Sugar Smart website.

Watch our Sugar Smart videos below for more tips.

useful documents

Sugar Smart Booklet

How to spot hidden sugars, eat a healthier diet and avoid the worst offenders.


Raising Sugar Smart kids booklet

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