Where to donate surplus food

Please read this first:
We are not a food bank, but can advise you on donating surplus food to a project near you.
– If you want to donate food or other items to a food bank, please visit our directory to find one near you and get in touch directly.
– The enquiry form below is for businesses and events organisers looking to donate surplus food to a good cause.
– If you are an individual looking to donate food from your home, please see the section for individuals below.

If you are a food businesses, event organiser or organisation anticipating a surplus of food that can be safely donated to a food project, there are a number of actions you can take.

Surplus Food Network logoThe Food Partnership coordinates the Brighton & Hove Surplus Food Network. To donate to the projects in the network, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible. We will get back to you at our earliest opportunity with advice and signposting.

Please note that we cannot always deal with your surplus (as much as we would like to!).  The network is mainly run by volunteers who donate their time.  If you offer food at the weekend, evenings or especially with a short time period before it needs to be used or picked up, we might not be able to respond.

Sussex Homeless Support Street KitchenWe don’t answer our emails over the weekend, so if you have surplus that needs eating/collecting between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, you may want to consider donating to Sussex Homeless Support.  Please post on their Facebook page the surplus you have available.

We can also advise you on donating to a local food bank, or to one of the city’s supported accommodation schemes, which can often accept perishable and ready to eat food donations outside of daytime hours.

Cafes and restaurants could also consider using an app called ‘Too good to go‘ which sells meals at a reduced price to people before they become surplus.

You could also think about donating to a Community Fridge there is one at Phoenix Community Centre and one at Whitehawk Inn.

For more information on legal and food safety advice, please visit WRAP’s guidance on surplus food donation for the Hospitality Sector.

If you have food waste which is no longer edible, why don’t you consider donating it to generate renewable energy with BHESCo?

If you are an individual

To donate surplus food from home, particularly if it is perishable or in opened packaging, please download the Olio Food-Sharing App, share on Food-Sharing Facebook groups in West Hove and surrounding areas, central Brighton and east Brighton, or share your offer on Freegle. If you think your home/garden/allotment donation will be suitable for a charitable food project, please fill out the form below.

Food donation enquiry form

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