Where to donate surplus food

We are not a food bank, but can advise businesses on donating surplus food. If you are an individual looking to donate food from your home, please watch this space, we are currently revising our guidance due to the spread of COVID-19. If you want to donate food or other items to a food bank, please visit our directory to find one near you and get in touch directly.

How businesses can donate surplus food

If you are a food businesses, event organiser or organisation anticipating a surplus of food that can be safely donated to a food project, there are a number of actions you can take.

Donate to the Surplus Food Network

Surplus Food Network logoThe Food Partnership coordinates the Brighton & Hove Surplus Food Network, an alliance of projects working together to intercept surplus food and redistribute it to people in need.

We can accept donations of fruit & veg, dairy, ambient & dry goods including catering-size packages, meat & fish and frozen products. To donate to the projects in the network, please fill out the enquiry form below with as much information as possible. We will get back to you at our earliest opportunity with advice and signposting.

For any pre-prepared food like sandwiches, please consider donating to Sussex Homeless Support – just post on their Facebook page what items you have available.

Use food sharing apps

Cafes and restaurants could consider using an app called ‘Too Good To Go‘ which sells meals at a reduced price to people before they become surplus. Businesses can also use the OLIO app to donate their surplus.

Donate to your local community fridge

You could also think about donating to a Community Fridge – there is one at Phoenix Community Centre and one at Whitehawk Inn.

For more information on legal and food safety advice, please visit WRAP’s guidance on surplus food donation for the Hospitality Sector.

What about food waste that is no longer edible?

If you have food waste which is no longer edible, consider donating it to generate renewable energy with BHESCo when their new plant opens.

Other ways to tackle food waste

There are lots of ways businesses can reduce their food waste which both saves money and benefits the environment – see our resources for businesses on tackling food waste.

If you are an individual

Please watch this space, we are currently revising our guidance for individuals due to the spread of COVID-19 as face-to-face donations to food banks now pose health risks. Please consider donating funds to the citywide Hungry At Home fundraising campaign which will enable the purchase of essential food & toiletries.

Food donation enquiry form

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