Gold Food City Bid: Take action as a school

Take action as a school

There are many actions schools can take to help Brighton & Hove become a GOLD Sustainable Food City:

Educate & inspire 

⇒ Offer cooking and growing opportunities
⇒ Arrange visits to community food projects and farms

Ensure access to healthy food and drink

⇒ Develop a whole-school food and drink policy.
⇒ Offer a healthy and active breakfast club: low cost for those that need it
⇒ Provide access to drinking water and reusable water bottles.
⇒ Improve referrals to food banks and Chomp holiday lunch clubs.
⇒ Explore the benefits of in-house catering (for secondary schools).
⇒ Join Sugar Smart and Peas Please initiatives.
⇒ Join Fuel for School: Fresh food for all families.

Reduce your waste

⇒ Undertake a food waste audit
⇒ Sign up for a food waste collection
⇒ See our resource for organisations on tackling food waste.

Shout about what you’re already doing

Share what actions you are taking on social media using #goldfoodcitybid to inspire others and show how much good work is happening in our city. Please remember to tag in @btnhovefood.

⇒ Keep staff involved in any changes you’re making and ensure they know about any key guidelines or policies.
⇒ Utilise all methods of communication (newsletters, intranet, social media, meetings, events and website) to inspire others to get involved.
⇒ Use our Gold Food City Bid toolkit for organisations to show you are supporting the bid.

If you need further information on any of these actions please contact us.

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