Gold Food City Bid: Take action as an individual

Take action as an individual 

Whether you are a resident or visitor, there are many actions you can take to help Brighton & Hove become a GOLD Sustainable Food City:

Reduce your food waste

Plan your meals & use a shopping list: Check out Love Food Hate Waste’s portion planner.
Sign up to a community composting scheme or compost at home.
Sign up to food-sharing apps like Olio and Too Good To Go.
⇒ Donate your surplus to a local community fridge.
Use up your leftovers and perfect your portion sizes: Check out Love Food Hate Waste’s recipes for leftovers.
Ask for a doggy box (or take your own container) for any leftovers when eating out.
⇒ Store your food correctly: See Love Food Hate Waste’s fridge tips.
See our tips for reducing your food waste.

Reduce single-use plastics

Use local veg box schemes and farmers markets to minimise packaging for your fruit and veg.
Use reusable bottles and containers for drinks and food: Checkout Refill Brighton & Hove to find out where you can refill your water bottle in the city.
Recycle your plastics: Use The Green Centre or Magpie Greenbox to recycle items that aren’t allowed in your local recycling collection.
Use refill stations: Refill bottles of cleaning products and toiletries and fill up your own containers for grains, pulses, nuts and more.
Buy plastic-free: See our where to buy plastic-free guide.

Eat well (for you and the planet)

Add an extra portion of veg to your meals
Reduce your meat and dairy consumption: See the Eating Better campaign for more information.
Swap sugary foods and drinks for healthier alternatives.
Cook from scratch: see the Veg Power recipes for ideas or learn to cook at our Community Kitchen.
Choose restaurants that strive to be sustainable: See a list of local ‘sustainable eats’ by Restaurants Brighton.

Buy well

The choices we make about the food we buy can have a big impact on our health, the environment, animal welfare and the people who produce our food. As a city, our collective buying habits can send a strong message to retailers about how we want our food system to be.

Support higher welfare farming: See our top tips for buying meat, eggs and dairy.
Buy sustainable fish: See our tips for buying sustainable fish.
⇒ Buy local, seasonal & organic: See our list of local stockists of organic and seasonal food.

Support your community food sector

Volunteer at / donate to a community food project: Use our directory map to find local community projects.
Sign up to Casserole Club and cook an extra portion of food for a neighbour who would benefit from a hot meal and some company.
Sign up to the Food Partnership fortnightly newsletter to get the latest news about food-related activities in our city.
Invest in community energy social enterprise, BHESCO. They are planning on converting peelings into power by building a commercial Anaerobic Digester in Sussex.

Grow your own food

Home-grown food has many advantages; it is tasty, nutritious, local and can be beneficial for wildlife.  Plus you get outdoors and improve your physical and mental wellbeing at the same time.

Sign-up to get your own allotment.
Go organic: join Brighton & Hove Organic Gardening Group and/or get a taster allotment.
Find a community growing project near you on our directory.
Check out our monthly gardening blog for handy tips to grow food at home.

Shout about what you’re doing

Share what actions you are taking on social media using #goldfoodcitybid to inspire others and show how much good work is happening in our city.  Please remember to tag in @btnhovefood.

⇒ Use our Gold Food City Bid toolkit for individuals to show you are supporting the bid.

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