Gold Food City Bid: Take action as an organisation

Take action as an organisation

We’re calling on organisations across the city to play their part and help Brighton and Hove become a GOLD Sustainable Food City. For food businesses and hospitality please see our separate guidance.

Here are some actions organisations can take:

Help tackle food poverty & reduce isolation

⇒ Sign up to the Living Wage Campaign.
⇒ Promote Healthy Start Vouchers and Chomp holiday lunch clubs to your clients.
⇒ Signpost clients to our accessing low-cost meals and food poverty advice resources. If you see someone in need of emergency food, you might be eligible to make a referral to a food bank or signpost them to an organisation who can.

Promote healthy eating and wellbeing

⇒ Have your milk delivered by a local dairy that uses and re-uses glass bottles instead of plastic.
⇒ Order a local organic fruit box for your office: See our list of local veg box schemes.
⇒ Encourage staff to take proper lunch breaks and eat together.
⇒ Introduce workplace growing projects to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of staff and clients. If you don’t have any outdoor space, try a sunny windowsill. Contact us for advice.
⇒ Set up a food-buying group with staff to buy local / organic food in bulk to reduce costs.

Reduce food waste & plastic

⇒ Sign up to a food waste collection.
⇒ Go tray-less in your workplace canteen to help prevent people taking more food than they can eat.
⇒ Compost on site if you have the space: See our composting tips.
⇒ See our tips on reducing plastics.

Develop a sustainable food policy for your organisation

⇒ Set your own sustainable food policy for catering events and meetings, and make sure that any staff who order catering are aware of these guidelines.
⇒ Look for caterers that hold accreditation such as Healthy Choice Award, Food for Life and The Green Kitchen Standard.

Support the community food sector

⇒ Choose community food projects for team lunches or for your charity of the year.
⇒ Support the Community Kitchen: Hold your event, team-building day, cookery session or Christmas party at the Kitchen.
⇒ Signpost staff and clients to volunteering opportunities at local community growing projects, lunch clubs and food banks via our directory map.

Shout about what you’re doing

Share what actions you are taking on social media using #goldfoodcitybid to inspire others and show how much good work is happening in our city. Please remember to tag in @btnhovefood.

⇒ Keep staff involved in any changes you’re making and ensure they know about any key guidelines or policies.
⇒ Utilise all methods of communication (newsletters, intranet, social media, meetings, events and website) to inspire others to get involved.
⇒ Use our Gold Food City Bid toolkit for organisations to show you are supporting the bid.

If you’d like further information on any of these actions please contact us.

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