High Barn: Farming for the Community in Rottingdean

This is a guest blog written by Jessa Chapman, who is project managing a new exciting ten-acre community farm project next to Brighton in Rottingdean.

High Barn Farm

High Barn Farm has been producing food for years as a well-established large, commercial farm.  Nothing currently grown on the farm stays local. It all travels out of the area on huge lorries for processing further afield.  The farmer, Martin, believes there is a better way of doing things.

His vision is to grow produce ethically and sustainably and deliver it to the local area (within 15 miles of the farm).

The farm is going to follow a regenerative agricultural model. Planning to rehome ex-battery chickens to fertilise the soil and using pigs to plough it. By following this model, no external fertilisers will be needed and it will be totally self-sufficient while rebuilding the soil structure and reducing the farm’s carbon footprint. Fruit and vegetables will be grown in their natural seasons.  Dew ponds will be dug to collect rainwater naturally to irrigate the plants and avoid using mains water.  Hedgerows will be planted with fruit and nut trees to protect from the wind.

The farm is a social enterprise, which means all of the profits will be reinvested back into the farm to grow the range and diversity of products offered.  Local people will be able to buy fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat via a veg-box scheme.  Part of the plan is to provide education to customers and children on the farm.


The team at High Barn are looking for the community to get involved and support the project:

  • Donate to the crowdfunding campaign (until 18th December 2019) to help make the vision become a reality (and name a re-homed chicken)
  • Promote the crowdfunding campaign to friends and family via social media
  • Follow on facebook
  • Suggest varieties of things to grow
  • Volunteer

If you would like to find out more contact the team.


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