Eating well with limited equipment

If you eat better, you’ll feel better. But not everyone has cooking facilities like hobs and ovens which can make this easier. We worked with people living in temporary accommodation in Brighton, alongside a registered nutritionist, to test and design a set of healthy, tasty recipes which can be made with just a kettle, toaster or microwave.

noodle soup in a bowlNot having enough food, worrying about electricity and not feeling confident to cook are just some of the reasons that get in the way of eating well. However, regularly skipping meals and not eating enough nutritious food affects how our body functions. What we eat can help us to feel better and be healthier.

Cooking tasty food which is good for you is possible when money is tight and cooking facilities are limited.
We have developed a range of easy and cheap recipes that will give you energy and help you feel good. Give them a go!

Recipes and tips


Thank you to Fran, the Brighton Nutritionist, who developed these resources with us.

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