Tips for buying sustainable fish

Tips for buying sustainable fish

1. Buy locally caught fish

Here are some top local choices:

  • Oily fish: Herring, mackerel and sardines are commonly caught by drift nets. The Hastings Herring and Mackerel fisheries have Marine Stewardship Council certification
  • White fish: Red mullet, pollack, sole, dab, sprats and gurnard
  • Shellfish: Mussels, whelks and squid – farmed or caught in pots

2. Look at the label

Buying MSC certified fish (Marine Stewardship Council) is a good option if you do most of your shopping in supermarkets. The blue and white logo appears on fresh, frozen and tinned fish.

Look out for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) logo which covers responsibly-farmed seafood.

3. Buy fish in season

If you enjoy eating fresh fish but are unsure of how seasonality affects their sustainability, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has produced a handy guide to show you which fish to buy when.

4. Improve your fish recipe repertoire

Venture out of your comfort zone with one of our tasty fish recipes.

5. Learn more about buying, storing and preparing fish

Fact sheet – How to buy and store fish

Fact sheet – How to prepare fish

Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales offer regular fish and shellfish preparation courses. They run beginners and advanced preparation sessions which costs £30. Check for upcoming course dates.


Find out where to buy local and sustainable fish here.

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