Kids Halloween baking activities

Halloween might take a slightly different spin this year as we limit contact with others.  So we’ve got a couple of fun kids baking activities for you to try this half term at home.

Skeleton biscuits

Use your favourite gingerbread or biscuit recipe to bake gingerbread people. Use thick water icing or royal icing in a piping bag to add bones and a skull to your baked and cooled characters to create spooky Halloween skeletons. No fancy kit required – how to make a piping bag out of baking paper.

Cobwebby fun

Bake a batch of your favourite cupcakes. Once cool, slice the very top off to create a fairly flat surface.  Make a chocolate ganache by boiling 150g double cream and pouring it over 75g finely chopped dark chocolate.  Leave to sit for a minute or so and then stir until all the chocolate is melted.

While you wait for the ganache, melt a few squares of white chocolate and carefully place into a piping bag or paper piping bag.   Spoon roughly a tablespoon of ganache onto the cupcakes and smooth out with the back of a spoon or palette knife.

Pipe a spiral shape with the white chocolate on top of the warm ganache, starting from the centre.  Be careful not to cut the hole in the piping bag too big – a couple of millimetres should do it.  Insert a toothpick a couple of millimetres into the centre of the ganache and drag lines to the outer edges, working around the circle until you have a spiderweb design.

Online Halloween Bake-Off

Tuesday 27th October, 11am-12.30pm Charlotte with halloween whoopie pies

Why not join our online Halloween bake-off where we’ll make monster whoopie pies.  Ideal for budding young bakers aged 7 and up, this special Halloween baking webinar will take them step by step to bake soft cookie-sponge shells and pipe the cream cheese filling for these delicious American favourites.  Think fondant fangs and evil eyes…

We will supply a full list of ingredients and equipment upon booking, most of which are typically available in a home kitchen, plus a few special additions for decorating like fondant icing and food colouring.

Find out more.

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