My Kitchen: Baking helped me become a ‘Christmas mum’

Emma and her nine-year-old daughter had bursary-assisted places on the Community Kitchen’s Christmas Baking class. It was a great way for them to bond as they looked forward to their first Christmas Day together.

Dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, anise stars, cardamom seeds and metal cutters for Christmas cookies on a light background“Last year I was going to be spending my very first Christmas with my daughter and I had a lot of anxiety around being ‘the Christmas mum’. I’m Jewish and hadn’t really done Christmas before.

“So we got a tree, we got decorations, we got our Christmas shopping in and then I saw this course coming up. I thought it could be a way of my daughter and I bonding and a Christmassy thing we could do together.

“I learnt a tonne of stuff on the course. It was clever how Anna, the teacher, had us start with one dough and then showed us how to turn it into multiple, different things. I’d never made, eaten or even seen a cinnamon bun before so that was wicked.

“We made cheese biscuits and iced biscuits as well. I sat next to a woman whose icing work was stunning. It was beautiful to watch somebody really in their zone. I did some gender-queer symbols on my biscuits which I shared on Facebook with my friends.

“We got a lot of food to take home. So the next day my daughter and I got a foil tray, my daughter decorated it, we sliced up the stollen we’d made and put some buns and biscuits on the tray too and made a little card to say thank you to some people who had recently been particularly generous to us. They loved it! And it gave us a zing – being generous back to people who had helped us out.

“My daughter said she loved the course. When people asked her how her Christmas went she cited the Christmas baking as something we did together as a family.

“As somebody living on benefits and a single parent, it would be difficult to do a Kitchen course without the bursary scheme. We’re living in a city of many incomes and it’s great that there are tiered-price tickets.”

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