New compost schemes brings neighbours together

Celebrating compost with caddies, cake, and dreams of window boxes

by Anne-Marie Bur, Project Support Worker

Two new community composting schemes have started recently with the help of the Food Partnership.  Project Support Worker Anne-Marie Bur visited both projects to see how they are getting on.

Members of the St Ann’s Well Gardens Community Composting Scheme joined with our staff last week to mark the successful start of a new composting scheme.

Jen Rawlings,  one of the ‘Compost Monitors’ for the new scheme, brought cake and one year old daughter Orla did her bit by dropping in some cardboard – a crucial step to successful composting, best instilled early…

The bins, made of recycled wood, have been installed on the edge of the park, next to a pavement. Their visibility has meant that we have received lots of enquiries from local people keen to join in. In fact so many people have joined we are going to add another bin. In spite of the rain several new members turned out to pick up compost caddies from us.

Another new scheme has started at Black Rock by the Marina, Kemp Town. Mary Ledgard, Compost Monitor, and other members of the local residents’ group are now composting their kitchen waste and cardboard packaging into the recently installed bins in Marine Drive.

They are already discussing how to use their compost and imagining, Mary told me, window boxes and hanging baskets, overflowing with beautiful blooms all along their street.

Community composting schemes divert food waste from landfill in significant quantities in our city – nearly enough to fill two double decker buses each year.

If you would like to start a composting scheme in your area, or want to find out if there is already one near you, visit our compost page on our website to find out more information.

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