New survey to discover if Brighton is a city of keen cooks or fast food fans

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership want to know what cookery lessons would help you develop your culinary skills.

food with cooks in the backgroundDo you need to learn how to boil an egg or have a burning desire to create a soufflé? Perhaps you’d like to make your own bread or some tasty low-cost meals for your family.

We’re launching an online survey to discover the views of residents as research for our latest idea to open a teaching kitchen in the city.

Food Partnership Director Vic Borrill said: “We’d love to get the people of Brighton and Hove cooking more whether they are complete beginners or keen cooks. We want to hear if you love cooking or are too scared to try. Everyone should have some cooking skills and we want to give everyone the chance to learn.”

Home-cooked meals help combat obesity

Nutritious home-cooked food is an important element for a healthy lifestyle helping to combat obesity, reduce sugar and improve wellbeing. Over half the men and women in the country are overweight or obese costing the NHS £5.1bn every year.

Our survey will ask people to give their opinions about the cookery skills they have, what type of foods they find difficult to make and what they think will be useful and fun to learn.

We hope the cookery school will offer a range of workshops and courses for a whole host of residents including back to basics classes, fun sessions for families and guest slots from the city’s celebrity chefs. We  will also offer low-cost classes for disadvantaged groups such as people with mental health problems or learning disabilities to build on the existing work of the Food Partnership.

Director Vic Borrill: “We believe our idea for a new teaching kitchen could be really successful but as a not-for-profit organisation we want to be absolutely sure. That’s why we’re asking the people we work with or those who live in the city what they want.

“We’ve carried out lots of exploratory work so far around costs for fitting out the venue and running costs and now want to ask the people who will hopefully come along to tell us what skills they would like.”

The project is still in the planning stages at the moment and the Food Partnership cannot reveal the proposed venue or name.

We hope to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for equipment and running costs if the proposal goes ahead. The final decision will be taken by the board of the Food Partnership.

Please take five minutes to respond to these simple questions. You could be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of Good Money vouchers which can be redeemed in hundreds of local businesses across the city.

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