Our #GoldFoodCityBid goes global!

Another step towards Brighton and Hove’s bid to become the first Gold Sustainable Food City in the UK was taken this month when the Food Partnership’s Director, Vic Borrill, asked Brighton and Hove City Council to sign the city up to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. 

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international pact signed by more than 184 cities around the world, committing to healthy, sustainable food. 

The request was warmly received at the council meeting by all the parties, and the formal sign-up is likely to take place at the end of June. Councillor Gill Mitchell stated at the meeting: 

“We are really pleased to support the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and to sign up to this declaration. I personally want to thank Vic Borrill and the amazing Food Partnership. A lot has been achieved in our city in relation to promoting healthy eating, raising awareness of the shame that food poverty persists, teaching cooking skills, reducing waste and of course growing food.”

Vic Borrill, the Food Partnership’s Director said after the meeting:

“We are immensely proud of everything our city has achieved around how we buy, cook and eat our food. With all the uncertainty at the moment our food supply has never been more topical so it’s fantastic to see the Full Council of Brighton & Hove City Council supporting a city-wide vision of a healthy, sustainable and fair food system, and wanting to share what we do with a new international audience via this commitment to signing the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.”

There is a list of actions that everyone in the city can take to support the Gold bid.  

Businesses and residents are asked to pledge their support using the hashtag #GoldFoodCityBid.  

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