Our memorable moments in 2016

A look back at ten of our best moments in the last year

by Caroline Sutton, Communications Officer

1. We’re proud to have launched Casserole Club aimed at encouraging cooks to produce an extra portion of food to share with a local elderly or vulnerable person. We’re waiting to find out if our Aviva Community crowd-funding campaign will enable the project to continue.

2. Our Waste Guru Vera Zakharov gave evidence to the EFRA Parliamentary inquiry on food waste on behalf of the Food Partnership and the city’s surplus food projects. She joined a panel of experts which included the CEOs of FareShare UK and Plan Zheroes, calling for tougher food waste reduction targets, retailer transparency on their food waste, and prioritising nutritious, fresh food donation over junk food. Watch again online.

3. A prize-winning poster created by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership was given the royal seal of approval from Prince Charles at a ground-breaking conference. The Prince presented the prize to BHFP consultant Jenny Hacker who helped design the infographic with Brand Consultant Patrick Morrison which visually demonstrates the positive impact the Food Partnership is having on health and wellbeing on residents of Brighton and Hove.

4. The Harvest team held an event to celebrate two years of our Sharing the Harvest project at the Mayor’s Parlour complete with a tour of the council chamber by the Mayor Pete West. (Watch our video on Sharing the Harvest on Youtube) We’re lucky to be one of 27 not-for-profit organisations chosen by the Mayor to benefit from a series of charity events through the year.

5. We launched our dementia food project which offers cookery and gardening workshops for people with mild to moderate dementia. We’re now looking for more participants to join in next year.

6. We organised the Healthy Catering conference with a range of organisations and companies who have pledged to offer healthy food options to their customers.

7. We’re on the way to rescuing an unloved patch of land and turning it into the incredible Saunders Edible Park. Follow the progress through next year or even better, get involved too.

8. We challenged Brighton and Hove to become the first SugarSmart city by taking a series of challenges to cut out hidden and excess sugars in their diets with the backing of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Our first challenge was aimed at eating a low-sugar breakfast. St Mark’s Primary breakfast club won the award with their delicious smiley porridge recipe.

9. We celebrated the first year of the Food Poverty Action Plan co-ordinated by BHFP which aims to tackle food poverty across the city with a workshop of partners. While progress has been made, food banks warned that larger families are more affected by food poverty thanks to benefit changes. Yet without the FPAP, this worrying trend would have been unrecognised as food poverty was previously unrecorded.

10. We’ve had 272 different people complete a Shape Up programme or 121 in a clinic in 2016. A recent survey of more than 200 former clients of Shape Up found that up to 12 months on from attending one of the organisation’s weight management programmes, three quarters had lost weight and nearly half had lost more than 5% of their body weight.


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