Prince Charles presents prize for winning poster

A prize-winning poster created by the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership was given the royal seal of approval from Prince Charles at a recent ground-breaking conference.

The Prince presented the prize to BHFP consultant Jenny Hacker who helped design the striking infographic (see below) which visually demonstrates the positive impact the Food Partnership is having on health and wellbeing on residents of Brighton and Hove.

The poster focuses on two of the Food Partnership’s projects. Gardening for Health and Wellbeing helps vulnerable people connect with their communities and with nature to achieve demonstrable improvements in life satisfaction.

The other project is Shape Up, a free weight management programme offered in groups or one to one, which is helping people across Brighton and Hove to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

The conference – entitled ‘Food – the Forgotten Medicine’ – was organised by the Royal Society of Medicine in London last week and brought together experts in food and health from around the world to discuss the range of evidence that exists around food and health and the urgent need for doctors to get on board with this agenda. Currently, the benefits of food and nutrition on physical and mental health barely feature on the curriculum for medics in the UK.

Jenny says: “I have been independently evaluating the work of the Food Partnership and was pleased to be given the chance to highlight some of their excellent work at a national level. To win a prize for the organisation at the first ever national conference on this topic was extremely exciting. Prince Charles was very friendly and interested in our work.”

The poster was designed by Brand Consultant Patrick Morrison who has designed all our branding and company literature.


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