Case study: Food Poverty 2014
A joined up approach to food poverty in Brighton & Hove.
Case study: Food Poverty Action Plan 2016
A whole city approach to tackling food poverty.
Case study: Food Procurement 2016
Find out more about the minimum buying standards.
Case study: Gardening for health & wellbeing 2015
Find out how local community gardens are improving people's wellbeing & health.
Case study: Good Food Procurement Group 2015
Find out how good food is good for business.
Case study: Harvest project 2014
A citywide project about food growing and community gardens.
Case study: Primary School Meals Service 2016
How the Brighton & Hove Primary School Meals Service is adding value to our city.
Citywide plan to become a Veg City 2017-2020
Brighton & Hove's citywide plan to become a Veg City
Community Composting FAQs
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our community composting scheme