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Celebrating a year of hard work at Saunders Park Edible Garden

Words and pictures by Sarah Davenport, Harvest Project Support Worker

Community Gardener Rosie Linford and her army of volunteers have been busy transforming this once neglected corner of Brighton now known as Saunders Park Edible Garden. Over the past year apple trees have been planted, the pond has been restored to its former glory and new veg beds have been growing abundantly.

I headed over to see what the team get up to each week and to capture some of their hard work in action. It was lovely to meet some of the people behind this fantastic transformation and the difference that had been made since my last visit in February.

One of the volunteers lives just nearby and was speaking about the difference she saw in how the park was being used since the changes being made. Families using the park for picnics, women sunbathing on their own, parents coming up to play with their children and people just coming to sit by the pond.

Anyway, I’ll let you see for yourself…

Saunders Park garden volunteers

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